Speakers Information


  • Template: Pass the SALT does not provide nor require any kind of template.
  • Logo: you can use our logo on your speaker deck. The correct source for it is in this repository.
  • Preferred file type: we prefer to receive PDF files. You can also provide LibreOffice format if you preferred. Power-what? You are at Pass the SALT, please ;-)
  • IMPORTANT send us your speaker deck: we will greatly appreciate if you can provide your slides before your talk or just after it. We try to provide them to all attendees (on-site and online ones) as soon as possible on our archives site.

Testing your video setup BEFORE your talk

Please come during the pause (or before the start of the morning / afternoon session) on stage in order to test your laptop with the video system.

Lecture hall

  • Screens & pojector:
    • Main screen and projector: the two are brand new ones and the screen is bigger than the previous one, for those who were there in 2018-2019 :)
    • Plugs: on stage, you will have HDMI and VGA plugs for video signal and some electrical plugs.
    • Feedback screen: you will have a feedback screen on the back of the hall (use big size fonts!)
  • Recording: your talk will be live streamed and recorded by our Ubicast friends.

Workshop room

  • screen and projector: you will have a very recent screen and projector.
  • network access: every participant who has accepted it during registration process will received a network access (we work to get non filtered SSH output among other things). We will try to set up an ethernet switch with less filtered as possible Internet access.

    workshop room